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Elevate Your Brand!

Elevate Your Brand!

Is Your Red Ferrari still in the driveway, or even worse still in the garage? Has this anxious feeling ever happened to you? Your friend invites you to visit the downtown area of his or her local community. You see all the nice architecture, go to lunch, smell the roasting coffee waft out of the unique café…You rub shoulders with townies, sightseers, the wealthy, the young, the old and the hip! And then, of course, you find it! The cutest shop that you have ever seen in your life. There is beautiful clothing for men and women, unique and intricate furniture, paintings, books, knickknacks, local historical items, treasures of land and sea…

You are excited and cannot decide where and on what you will spend your money and realize that maybe you will buy something now and buy more later! You pull out your phone and look up the store online.  You are disappointed to find that there is a “do it yourself” website and not much is featured and you won’t remember what items at the shop “are a perfect fit” and what was just “average”.

All of a sudden, you have a sinking feeling. You started with finding “your favorite shop in the whole world”. Now, you are disappointed in the “shopkeeper” at your favorite shop.

  • Why didn’t he plan better?
  • What are they thinking?
  • What is the long term goal here?
  • Does anyone know about what they have to offer?
  • How will they find them?
  • Will this beautiful shop survive?

Every business day, I see a similar situation happen.  An individual has an idea. It is a fantastic idea, a phenomenal idea. The person decides he or she is going to fulfill their passion and start their own salon, shop, bakery, restaurant, furniture store, architecture company, flooring business, window business, etc. Their heart and soul is put into every aspect of starting the business, getting the right licenses, having a beautiful location, decorating, etc…

Too often, the last item on the list is “Marketing”. Marketing is the most important item.  No matter how passionate you are about something, you need to make consistently “make known” what you have to offer.  Put marketing, sponsorships, promotion, local events, networking and advertising in your budget right now and you will see a much brighter outlook!

A great marketing plan is like driving your red Ferrari all over town and having everyone see the car and how happy it makes you!  What is the fun of having the perfect, beautiful, powerful car if no one sees it? If you have a passion for a business, the right marketing plan will consistently place you in front of the right potential clients and you will truly see your dream come true!

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  • Anne is one of the best marketing minds for small business. Branding, positioning and connecting with your audience. She can show you how it is done.

    Bob Evans,
    President, BNI Growth Partners & National Marketing Director, Healthcare Solutions
  • If you are looking for marketing advice, to increase your revenue, become a brand name or expert in your field look no further! Anne not only has years of experience but also results to stand by her.

    Nicole Domico
    Owner of Sparkle by Nicole, Touchstone Crystal
  • Anne has a dynamite personality and is a pleasure to work with. Always thinking of ways to help promote your business. Thank you, Anne!

    Cathie Schechtel
    Owner of Cathie’s Escape
  • Anne has helped me and my business tremendously!

    Rosetta Metz
    Owner of Lettuce Organize & Lettuce Clean
  • “Hi Anne, You and your team did a wonderful job! It looks great and we have
    all received compliments – very fun!”

    Suzanne Henn
    Brickton Partners Stock Club Co-Founder
  • Anne does a great job promoting her clients. She listens closely to them and then works diligently to enhance their business. She has been in publishing for many years and know what is successful and what does not work. If you are looking to get more exposure for your business and increase revenue, call Anne today.

    Sharon Lynch
    Century 21 Elm Realtor
  • Anne Scallon of Best Version Media is amazing. She has been handling advertising for our company for over a year. It has really paid off! Anne has been very attentive to changing our ad as needed and has encouraged us to add informative articles about painting to help end users understand the process of painting and preparation. We sincerely thank Anne for all her attention to our business.

    Diana Austin Cavaliere
    Owner of Creative Walls & Spaces

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